Data Networking

It is not uncommon for a family to have more than one computer in the household today, all vying for access to the internet or shared files. Here is where networking comes into play.

With our installed data networking solutions you can keep your home network powerful, safe and secure

Hardwired networks

Hardwired networks are best installed when a house is being built or renovated to ensure network cables are hidden. Network speeds for hardwired networks deliver fast processing, increased memory, and a secure and stable connection. This is why we use Category 6 or fibre in all our installations to increase the bandwidth and speed of the network.

Wireless networks

You won’t have to worry about “dead spots” in your home anymore. We install wireless access points and repeaters in key locations throughout your home to ensure the highest 802.11n throughout. Wireless networking allows you to connect multiple wireless-enabled devices to your router. We specialise in seamless networks which means “drop outs” are minimised.

Secure networking

Today it is more important than ever to secure your wireless network against outside intrusion. We provide multiple solutions tailored to your needs.